Haltes des Soldats

Dédié à la mémoire des héros
de la Seconde Guerre mondiale

A great celebration of "Soldiers halt" was held on May 8 at Vevey (Domaine de Cré, St. Legier), dedicated to the 71 anniversary of the end of World War II, organized in the framework of the "Russian evenings in Switzerland." Hundreds of people came to celebrate the Victory Day, a sacred holiday for everyone who remembers the great feats of people who have done impossible by winning the terrible war!

On the makeshift stage, located next to the fire, artists in uniform of last century, have sang songs, read poems, and guests danced and participated in the soldiers' games. Prizes and gifts provided by the event organizers pleasantly surprised everyone who were able to deservedly win or express themselves during the celebration. These soldiers' belts, caps, mugs and flasks of the Great Patriotic War - only part of the surprises that have been prepared on this day!

Real soldiers treats and traditional 'martial 100 grams' waited for every visitor. Particular attention was paid to the potatoes baked by guest in the soldiers' fire.

No one was left untouched by fascinating and active game "Summer lightning". Two teams of 20 people tried to seize military banner of opponents! In a bitter struggle, which "killed" many men, the "Red" was stronger! All participants of the "Zarnitsy" received valuable gifts!

The action "Immortal regiment" has become a pearl of the day, touching and sentimental, what made it even more significant The guests brought with them photographs of their relatives who fought at the front and worked in rear for the benefit of the army, and proudly told of their heroic destiny. At the end of the action, it was decided to gather again "Immortal regiment" next year in front of UN in Geneva.

Throughout the festival guests expressed gratitude to the organizers of the event, paying homage to all the veterans and heroes of the Great Patriotic War, who defended their homeland! And in gratitude for the event hosted by Zlata Smirnova (founder of "Russian Nights in Switzerland"), was presented a historical book "Defense of Volgograd"!

Special thanks to: Jewelry House "Natkina" ( and the company's "Alpha FG Music" for providing gifts and prizes to the guests.



Chemin du Genévrier 47,
1806 Saint-Légier-La Chiésaz / Vevey

(Prés de l’Hôtel MODERN TIMES)